A Mexican native girl, Elizabeth began her career as a fashion designer. After studied Textil Design in Universidad Iberoamericana she decided to move to Oaxaca to learn artisanal jewelry tech nics. Then Glassel School of arts opened for her the marvelous word of contemporary jewelry. She’s been part of the new generation of contemporary jewelry artist, showing her work in Museums as Franz Mayer in Mexico City 2013 in the LA FRONTERA show exhibit, then in Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco, CA, at The Modern Arts Museum of Mexico in 2014.

While searching for her own interpretation of the world, jewelry became a form of expression. Inspiration is anything that captivates her, creating a constant alchemy between her dreams and the way she look at things. Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition in her process of creation, she likes to think that her pieces are lucky charms, mythological, magical, religious and spiritually based ingredients of a magic spell, which help to unveil our every day life. ERO jewelry represents the way she look at life, the desire to translate her thoughts into portable elements.