Your jewelry is made of 14K gold or 925 sterling silver which in some pieces have a surface treatment. These surface treatments will fade over time because of contact with your clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, hairspray, air pollution and other.
The black oxidized layer fades with everyday or very frequent wear. The gold plating is 2-3 layers of 24 carat gold that gradually wears off, giving the appearance that it has faded. Everyday or very frequent wear, may speed up this process, especially on items like rings and bracelets, which have more frequent contact with surfaces.

Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products, for example, soap, perfume, abrasive products. Do not wear jewelry when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering. Chlorine, detergents, oils & perfumes can all cause tarnishing and damage. remove jewelry when doing household tasks. Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.
Make-up, perfume & hairspray all contain chemicals, which may dull the finish of your jewelry. Gently wipe jewelry clean with a soft cloth after each wear to remove make-up and oils (from skin). Coil chains gently to prevent damage in storage. Don’t yank or pull chains.

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